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Circuit Training

My kid has a lot of toys. So. Many. Toys.

She also has the attention span of, well, a 12-month-old, so she plays with them all about 40x a day. Hopping from one area to the next. Flexing all of her play muscles.

Jay’s Circuit Training Playing:

1) Remove stackable donuts from the base and throw them around.

"I'm just getting started."

“Hmm… Where to start?”

2) Show those beads where to go on the bead maze atop the activity cube.

3) Hand mama a book to read.

4) Knock down the amazing towers and rocket-ships mama builds with my blocks.

5) Un-stack all of the stackable cups cuz it is so easy!

6) Hand mama a book to read.

7) Go on a walk-about with alligator chompy-walker.

"Check out this chomp-walk, ma!"

“Check out this chomp-walk, ma!”

8) Remove and throw animals in the safari puzzle.

7) Hand mama a book to read.

8) Snatch the book back and read it upside down while mama tidies up.

"Me just read this book, quiet like, ma"

“Me just read this book, quiet like, ma.”

9) Start all over again.