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PrepOutMon-day: Trick-Or-Treat!

Happy Halloween week! Halloween is so exciting now that I have a little one! My little strawberry is going to playdates, trick-or-treating, and sing-alongs dedicated to this not-so-spooky holiday. So much fun!

Strawberry at a Halloween jam.

Strawberry at a Halloween jam.

You know what else is exciting about Halloween week? When it ends, NaNoWriMo begins! We’ll all have sugar-highs and optimism as we dive into these projects we’ve been thinking about for so long. I am ready! I’m through with the planning, wondering, and  mapping! I want to write! (It just occurred to me that some of you are probably child-free and will be starting NaNo with a hangover…probably after making out with a slutty green crayon all night. That is cool too. Let me know how that goes.)

I’m taking my wobbly-walker trick-or-treating as my NaNo prep this week. Mama is going to load up on candy–the fuel of word-sprint-when-I-can writers!

Looking for a fun way to kick off NaNo? I’ll be joining @FriNightWrites #writeclub to get my first 1667 words. Hope to see you there! (I’m @penandstink)

Happy Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, and NaNoWriMo!

PrepOutMon: The Bad Beginning

I spent my Sunday morning in a coffee shop writing. It was great. My writing was horrible. But being out of the house, milking a medium latte, and writing sans child nearly trumped the hair-tearing-out anger I was experiencing as I wrote, revised, and my story didn’t budge a centimeter.

I know what this book is about. I have mapped out the story. I even know how the climax of the story will play out. And am stuck on the beginning. Beginnings used to be my thing. I thought that setting up the bones and foundation of the story would help me avoid the pain of writer’s block. Nope.

I could have skipped to the middle — the part of the book that is organized and more or less mapped out — but I stubbornly attempted to pound out a direction for the beginning. How do I get from the introduction of my character/story to the middle action? You aren’t supposed to answer that. I have to.

My plan is to just write the damn first draft and get on with it. Easier said than done. But that is what NaNoWriMo is for, right? I’ll keep trying to brainstorm-write until November…then it is go-time.

At least I have Writing Workshop tomorrow night. Another opportunity to write and work through this blurgh!

NaNoWriMo PrepOutMon

I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo. Yes, I know NaNoWriMo isn’t until November. So why the rush? I am determined to meet the challenge! Not just for the cool NaNoWriMo gift that I will present to myself upon completion. No, no. I am not that shallow. (I am.) I need to prove to myself that I can manage my time between mom-ing and writing. And with a toddler, this is going to take some major organization on my part.

My NaNoWriMo History:

  • 2011- I joined the NaNoWriMo frenzy. I completed my 50,000-word “novel” by the skin of my teeth. The result was a halfway-decent idea and word-garbage (a.k.a., a “novel”).
  • 2012- In a sleep-deprived moment I thought, “I can do NaNoWriMo this month!” However, 20 minutes later, I remembered that I only had time to nurse, eat, and hold my 3-month-old baby 24/7. So I didn’t even start.

My 2011 Trophy

But, y’all, it is 2013. Things are going to be different. So on 9/1/2013, I am starting my own event: NaNoWriMo PrepOutMon (National Novel Writing Month Preparation And Outline Months). Let’s agree to just call it PrepOutMon.

Once a week, for two months, I will spend time planning this novel–generating some solid novel ideas, selecting one concept, and outlining the crap out of this book. I’ll update you on my progress once a week, just to keep me honest.

PrepOutMon progress to date:

  • I plan to get organized…
  • And blogged about it.

Who wants to join me? I’m talking to you, Heather! Anyone else?