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Wordless Wednesday: Losers

Want to teach your kids about losing? Become Steelers fans this year.

Want to teach your kids about losing? Become Steelers fans this year.


I Toured A Historic Village…

…and these are the pics I took (don’t forget to look for the photo Easter eggs!):

Taking an architecture tour!

Taking an architecture tour!

This is a building. I don’t know anything about it.

I gave her a leaf!

A recipe for dying fabrics. Yes! I will do this! (No I won’t. Ever.)

This is outside of another old home.

Captured! An old building in a historic village!

Um, this is a modern bench… But look! She is standing and grinning!

No! YOU are obsessed with YOUR baby and are incapable of functioning like a normal human person!!!


Wordless Wednesday: Casualties

“I’m walking…I’m walking…”

*Whistling casually*

“Sure is sunny out!”

Why The Face?

I’ve been cranky, rant-y, and a crumb-bum all week. Well, I’m turning my frown upside down, because you know what happens to animals who frown all the time?




What is worse than being a frown-y blobfish? Yes, that is its name. Okay, what is worse than looking like this and being called a “blobfish?” Being voted the “world’s ugliest animal” by the British Science Association. This was not a close vote either — almost 10,000 votes sealed the deal.

So smile, kay? It is Friday. And hug a blobfish if you see one today. Those sad little dupes need a hug.

This reminder to smile originated from npr’s the two-way.

P.S. I think he’s kinda cute.


Wordless Wednesday: Bright Future

Future veterinarian?

It Must Be a Tuesday

When I’m having the worst day, it is always a Tuesday. Always.  I have been known to clear off my schedule, plan around the cursed day, because even the smallest task can spiral out of control resulting in omnishambles. I know I’m not the only one. Do you have that day that just blows no matter what you do? For my pal Arthur Dent, it is Thursdays.  (Yes, the  fictional character from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! I’ve read that book enough times that I can now refer to him as my pal if I want to! Also, back off; it is Tuesday!)

I love a Monday. I tip my hat to Mondays and say “toodle pip and wot!” While the rest of you grumble and moan about Mondays, I celebrate the excitement of things to come. What will this week bring? What adventures await me this week?

And yet, every week, I’m surprised that the only thing that awaits me is an effing Tuesday–an armpit-stinking, wet-socked, itchy-skin Tuesday that will take me all week to recover from.

Coincidentally, today is Jay’s 1-year check up at the doctor. So shots and blood draw for my baby. My poor baby! As far as I can tell, she is like me and can’t get the hang of Tuesdays either.

Thanks a Ton, Honey Bun!

My hand is cramped… I’m running out of space… But I have so much more to say… The day after Jay’s birthday (yesterday), I wrote 14 thank you notes to express my gratitude to everyone who so thoughtfully and lovingly sent Jay a gift or card for her first birthday.

I love hand-writing and mailing timely thank you notes. I think I love doing it because it seems so old-fashioned. I never expect a thank you note in the mail; it just isn’t the norm anymore. And most of the thank yous I do receive are via email or direct messages on Facebook. I totally get it; people are busy. And who mails letters anymore? But I still prefer sending my thank yous in the mail. I hope it conveys my sincerest gratitude and returns a bit of the effort that was taken to send Jay a gift.

"Thanks and a wink! Sincerely, me and the stink."

“Thanks and a wink! Sincerely, me and the stink.”

I remember loathing thank you note time after birthdays and Christmas when I was a child. Ugh! It was torture. My thank you notes all went like this:

Dear Auntie Soandso,

How are you doing? (I learned at some point that it was mandatory to start a letter this way.) Thank you for the doll. (Oh no! It is obvious that my mom wrote a list of names and gifts and told me to write thank you notes. Now your feelings are hurt.) It has a pink dress. (Proof that I paid attention to the gift. That detail wasn’t on the list!) It is nice. (I like your gift and I just un-hurt your feelings.)

Sincerely, (Because all letters end this way.)


Inspired! I know. Little did anyone know that writing each thank you took me at least 30 minutes when I was a kid, what with all of that worrying and attention to formal letter-writing formatting.

So what can I do to make thank yous a bit of fun, rather than neurotic-kid torture a chore, when Jay is ready to participate in giving thanks for gifts-received? I want to start collecting ideas soon…

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely, Gilly