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PrepOutMon-day: Trick-Or-Treat!

Happy Halloween week! Halloween is so exciting now that I have a little one! My little strawberry is going to playdates, trick-or-treating, and sing-alongs dedicated to this not-so-spooky holiday. So much fun!

Strawberry at a Halloween jam.

Strawberry at a Halloween jam.

You know what else is exciting about Halloween week? When it ends, NaNoWriMo begins! We’ll all have sugar-highs and optimism as we dive into these projects we’ve been thinking about for so long. I am ready! I’m through with the planning, wondering, and  mapping! I want to write! (It just occurred to me that some of you are probably child-free and will be starting NaNo with a hangover…probably after making out with a slutty green crayon all night. That is cool too. Let me know how that goes.)

I’m taking my wobbly-walker trick-or-treating as my NaNo prep this week. Mama is going to load up on candy–the fuel of word-sprint-when-I-can writers!

Looking for a fun way to kick off NaNo? I’ll be joining @FriNightWrites #writeclub to get my first 1667 words. Hope to see you there! (I’m @penandstink)

Happy Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, and NaNoWriMo!


PrepOutMon-day: Oh My Blog!

You guys…with a sick family, a kid learning to walk, and Homeland marathons during my downtime, I’ve been MIA. But I’ve been thinking and brainstorming about the novel I’m going to start writing during NaNoWriMo. This is going to happen.

I wrote a bit during my last writing workshop and it was well-recieved. I’m feeling pumped! Is it NaNoWriMo time yet?

Also, I am 100% certain that I won’t win this year, but my personal goal is to write something every day. No matter how much my daughter drunk-walks that day; no matter how good Season 2 of Homeland is; no matter how sick we get with the next strain of cold-from-hell…I WILL write every day in November.

Anyone else off-roading for this NaNoWriMo? Just me? OK! Hope the rest of you write all of the words!


Wordless Wednesday: As I Found Them…




First Writing Workshop

"You've got this, right?"

“You’ve got this, right?”

On Tuesday, I left my child (as pictured above) in my husband’s hands and walked to my very first writing workshop. I won’t lie; I was grinning during that five minute walk down the hill and across the road. I wasn’t nervous about writer’s block, meeting new people, or that I left a very messy baby with my husband for his first solo parenting gig. I was just excited to be walking to a writing workshop on a crisp fall evening.

The hostess of the workshop is just…lovely — a perfect blend of humor and kindness. I felt immediately warm and welcome upon meeting her. She seems like the kind of person you can have a cup of tea with and laugh about anything.

The other writers in the workshop are so, so, so talented. The pieces they came up with in response to prompts were just amazing — detailed, mysterious, tender. My work sounded so different. So light and silly. But that is me. That is my voice. I doubt it will change much.

Writing and sharing work in a comfy sitting room, with tea, prompts, and talented writers, with no interruptions for 2.5 hours…it is heaven. It is luxurious — reading during a rainstorm, wrapped in a soft, worn shawl luxury.

And all of that serene, comfy, luxury walked home from the workshop with me. I opened the front door to hear a welcoming whisper from my husband, “Take off your shoes and tell me all about it!” Our baby had been sleeping for an hour; the house was tidied up; and the dishwasher was running. My husband and I swapped stories about our evening in the quiet of our living room.


Wordless Wednesday: Losers

Want to teach your kids about losing? Become Steelers fans this year.

Want to teach your kids about losing? Become Steelers fans this year.

Circuit Training

My kid has a lot of toys. So. Many. Toys.

She also has the attention span of, well, a 12-month-old, so she plays with them all about 40x a day. Hopping from one area to the next. Flexing all of her play muscles.

Jay’s Circuit Training Playing:

1) Remove stackable donuts from the base and throw them around.

"I'm just getting started."

“Hmm… Where to start?”

2) Show those beads where to go on the bead maze atop the activity cube.

3) Hand mama a book to read.

4) Knock down the amazing towers and rocket-ships mama builds with my blocks.

5) Un-stack all of the stackable cups cuz it is so easy!

6) Hand mama a book to read.

7) Go on a walk-about with alligator chompy-walker.

"Check out this chomp-walk, ma!"

“Check out this chomp-walk, ma!”

8) Remove and throw animals in the safari puzzle.

7) Hand mama a book to read.

8) Snatch the book back and read it upside down while mama tidies up.

"Me just read this book, quiet like, ma"

“Me just read this book, quiet like, ma.”

9) Start all over again.


I Toured A Historic Village…

…and these are the pics I took (don’t forget to look for the photo Easter eggs!):

Taking an architecture tour!

Taking an architecture tour!

This is a building. I don’t know anything about it.

I gave her a leaf!

A recipe for dying fabrics. Yes! I will do this! (No I won’t. Ever.)

This is outside of another old home.

Captured! An old building in a historic village!

Um, this is a modern bench… But look! She is standing and grinning!

No! YOU are obsessed with YOUR baby and are incapable of functioning like a normal human person!!!