No-Pressure November

As if committing to fail NaNoWriMo wasn’t enough, I promised my writing workshop folks 15-20 pages of a polished manuscript by mid-November. Last Tuesday, they built me up so high after a reading that I couldn’t say no!

I don’t even have regrets now that I’ve come down to reality. I’m just excited to get some “real” feedback. We only get/give positive reactions to the unpolished pieces we write during workshop. But manuscript review promises negative feedback too! I want it all — the good and the bad. Oh by the way, I don’t have any pages “written” yet. All I have are some prompt-responses that I scribbled on looseleaf during workshop (and that one Sunday that I abandoned my family to write). They are brainstorms at best.

What do I have going on in November? Oh, not much…

  1. Writing 1667 words/day for NaNoWriMo.
  2. Movember. I already have the mustaches.
  3. Polishing 15-20 pages of a manuscript that doesn’t exist.
  4. Two Thanksgivings to prepare. (1) Mini-Thanksgiving for guests the week before (2) Real Thanksgiving for family. No big deal.
  5. Full-time nanny/cook/clown/teacher/cheerleader/maid/nurse.

In sum, I’ve got this. Totally.

6 Polished mustaches. Check!

6 Polished mustaches. Check! Let’s do this, November!


2 responses to “No-Pressure November

  1. You can do this! You can do it! Yay, Gilly!

  2. You dictate & I’ll type.
    I can do moustache for the both of us
    Thanksgiving will be peasy.
    Just concentrate on words and J! Oh, and maybe have the odd shower… ;D
    Ps. *whispers* You’ll be fine!

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