My First Sunday Roast

I recently got a lot of flack from my favorite UK pals because my FIRST Sunday Roast was “non-traditional.” You guys, I slowly cooked a tough piece of sale-meat until it was melty and flaky and delicious. This is as traditional as I get! So, for now, let’s agree to agree that we’re all better off after The Blues vs The Reds War. The Blues sometimes serve egg noodles with pot roast and The Reds eat Yorkshire pudding every Sunday, whatever that is.

Anyway, I took pictures while I prepared dinner, look!

First cook some finely chopped veggies until they are tender.

First cook some finely chopped veggies until they are tender.

Don't just bung it into the slow cooker! Sear your meat!

Don’t just bung it into the slow cooker! Sear your meat!

Boil some wine until it turns into a syrup (with meat and veggie flavors in it).

Pour wine syrup and boiling beef broth (or water) over meat and veggies.

What can you do in 9 hours? I wrote, shopped, played with kid, and worried the meat would never become tender.

All done! It was tender. I did a dance that resembled a deer frolicking in the woods. It made my daughter laugh at with me.

Carrots and parsnips are almost finished roasting. Egg noodles are nearly finished too!

When meat was resting, I poured the liquid from the slow cooker into a bowl using a strainer. I pressed the veggies into the strainer to squeeze all of the deliciousness out. Graaaaavy!

Almost forgot to take a pic! I had already started eating. Sorry!

BTW, see the package! Egg noodles go with pot roast, ya Reds!

Also, this is how you do lunch leftovers the next day.


7 responses to “My First Sunday Roast

  1. The blues (some at least) also think it’s ok to have cake (muffin) for breakfast! Pond divide aside, your roast looked perfect! 😃

  2. Leftovers are THE BEST! And you’re welcome! // Cake for breakfast!!! ;)

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