PrepOutMon-day: Doctor’s Note

Dear Blog Readers and Spammy-Hammies:

Gilly has come down with the “cold from hell.” Her words. I am a doctor, so I use doctor talk. She has phlegmitis. She asked me to write a note to excuse her absence today. After making a house call, because I’m the kind of doctor who makes house calls from a horse-drawn carriage, I can confirm that she and her entire family have a very serious cold, or phlegmitis.

I have seen first-hand that story mapping index cards have been used as spare tissues. Unfortunately, the blue lines run when damp and left little blue mustaches on the entire family.

The computer was encased in a gooey snot web. It appears it was last used to google “Eastern Equine Encephalitis.” They do not have EEE. They have a cold. The computer is in quarantine…drying out.

Gilly’s new writing pens? It appears the family has used them to clean out their ears and de-clog their noses. These methods are not medically approved. Nor are these methods approved by common sense.

Writing ideas? Gilly asked me for drugs to aid her creativity. I told her that perhaps reading a book, instead of watching My Best Friend’s Wedding, would aid in creativity. She growled, coughed on a pillow, and threw it at me.

So, she is sick, growly, disgustingly aggressive with her germs, and deplete of adventurous writing tales to share with you today.

With doctorly flourish,

Dr. Smart Doctor Guy


5 responses to “PrepOutMon-day: Doctor’s Note

  1. This horrible, life affecting lurgy you have will, in the long run, help you. More life experience = a richer tome. ;P
    PS: Hope you’re ok for writing workshop, germ addled human.

    • I shall write the world’s most famous tale of snot and lethargy. This will be my greatest work!!!

      P.S. I am def in the upswing, so I will be GREAT for the workshop tomorrow.
      P.P.S. Thanks for catching that typo before too many people read!

      • I have no doubt (greatest work)! Glad to hear you’ll be workshop ready, and you’re supposed to pretend the typo didn’t happen!!!

  2. I think this calls for chicken soup and a Monday off. Unless they bartered said chicken for your medical services. Tell the entire family I said I hope they are well soon.

    • I will send my assistant to their home with your “get well” wishes. That lady is a monster when sick. I don’t want to risk getting thumped in the head with another germ-y pillow.

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