PrepOutMon-day: Hello, Sexy!

You guys, I know what my next writing project is going to be!! *Gasp!*

I’ve mapped the story out in a very general sense. And I am going to work on mapping out the specifics this week. I am excited! I love the idea! I love the structure! I’m in love, love, love! I even did a few writing sprints on Friday to brainstorm and get a feel for the protagonist. Did I mention this story is “the one” and I’m in love?

Basically, I have the pre-writing stages equivalent of  a dating profile of my perfect man in my inbox and he wants to get to know me!! Is he too good to be true? Will we mesh? Will he show up to our first date with a popped collar and ruin everything? I don’t know where this will go, but I’m going to put on my hottest pair of jeans, some lipstick, and find out!

Also, thanks to this blog I realized that we have to write TONS OF WORDS each day to complete NaNoWriMo!! A little less than 1700 if you are consistent each day. I am consistently inconsistent, so crap! Hope my project likes “quirky” girls!

Oh! And you are all invited to the wedding if this works out!


9 responses to “PrepOutMon-day: Hello, Sexy!

  1. You were a NaNoWriMo winner for 2011 so you are clearly doing something right ;)
    It’s awesome to here that you have found a story that you are excited about.

    • Yes, I was a winner in 2011 and that “doing something right” = “didn’t have a kid back then.” ;) Love my girl to bits, but she does not facilitate writing…at all.
      Thanks for the encouragement, NaNoWriMo buddy!

  2. Argh wrong here. Hear I meant hear damn it!!!!!!

  3. So exciting for you! Now remember, even the most perfect man may leave his underwear on the floor or forget a birthday. Don’t panic if the words don’t flow every day, and don’t dump him. You can do it!

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