Why The Face?

I’ve been cranky, rant-y, and a crumb-bum all week. Well, I’m turning my frown upside down, because you know what happens to animals who frown all the time?




What is worse than being a frown-y blobfish? Yes, that is its name. Okay, what is worse than looking like this and being called a “blobfish?” Being voted the “world’s ugliest animal” by the British Science Association. This was not a close vote either — almost 10,000 votes sealed the deal.

So smile, kay? It is Friday. And hug a blobfish if you see one today. Those sad little dupes need a hug.

This reminder to smile originated from npr’s the two-way.

P.S. I think he’s kinda cute.


5 responses to “Why The Face?

  1. Oh, now there’s a poor, unfortunate soul.

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