It Must Be a Tuesday

When I’m having the worst day, it is always a Tuesday. Always.  I have been known to clear off my schedule, plan around the cursed day, because even the smallest task can spiral out of control resulting in omnishambles. I know I’m not the only one. Do you have that day that just blows no matter what you do? For my pal Arthur Dent, it is Thursdays.  (Yes, the  fictional character from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! I’ve read that book enough times that I can now refer to him as my pal if I want to! Also, back off; it is Tuesday!)

I love a Monday. I tip my hat to Mondays and say “toodle pip and wot!” While the rest of you grumble and moan about Mondays, I celebrate the excitement of things to come. What will this week bring? What adventures await me this week?

And yet, every week, I’m surprised that the only thing that awaits me is an effing Tuesday–an armpit-stinking, wet-socked, itchy-skin Tuesday that will take me all week to recover from.

Coincidentally, today is Jay’s 1-year check up at the doctor. So shots and blood draw for my baby. My poor baby! As far as I can tell, she is like me and can’t get the hang of Tuesdays either.


8 responses to “It Must Be a Tuesday

  1. You are effing mad! Liking Mondays?! You can have loathing effing Tuesdays tho’, I’m happy to dislike most days of the effing week. ;P

  2. Firstly -another new word!? Secondly – Tuesday’s?. There are exceptions and this is one of them, but generally I like a Tuesday ‘cos it is near a Friday.I agree with Ray on this sorry – although I do think “what will this week bring” on a Monday but NOT in a good way.:) Liking Arthur – really wanting a drink #subliminal

  3. I like Mondays, too. It’s one of my two days off, so maybe it doesn’t count as a Monday. Today pretty much stunk. So far.

    Hope all goes well at the doc today!

    • Sorry today was a total Tuesday for you. Hope things are better when you read this.
      Doc appointment went well, thank you. Jay screamed and cried through the shots but rallied very quickly and had a lovely day!

  4. Tuesdays are the worst for me too! (And thank you for the next new word to add to my vocabulary. I’ll expect one in each post, thank you.) When I was working in a different state than my husband, he’d come to visit me on the weekends. And they would be glorious and care-free and so safe, with him there. Then he’d leave and I’d head back to work. Mondays were okay, coming off the happiness of our visit. But Tuesdays were dreadful. Because they were the farthest place I could be before the next weekend. Or sometimes it would be two or three weeks in between. Either way, Tuesdays just felt like a whole lot of work piled on top of me and squashed out all the fun. I hope your little one’s shots went “well” and that you both are much happier today.

    • It is my new goal to introduce a new word in every post. It will help my vocabulary too!

      Those Tuesdays sound heart-breakingly terrible. You get the award for worst Tuesdays, I am afraid.

      Jay screamed and cried during shots and blood draw, but rallied quickly and showed no sign of discomfort for the rest of the day! So it was pretty much the best Tuesday we could have hoped for. But glad Tuesday is out of the way and we can get on with the week. ;)

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