I Quit My Beard-Job

I just quit my job. The job I would mention when people asked me if I did anything outside of the home. I was only working for 20-minutes to 1-hour/day, from the comfort of my home, but I enjoyed being able to tell people that I was more than “just a mom.” But, as we all know, there is a difference between enjoying the idea of a job and enjoying the day-to-day reality of a job.

For every good week I had at my super-part-time-job, I was left with a disorganized mess of a home and felt disconnected from Jay. For every good week I had keeping up with the house and Jay, I barely got an hour/week in at my yeah-I’m-not-just-a-mom-beard-job. My time sheet was all peaks and deserts.

I expected that I would find my balance between work and mom-stuff, but that didn’t happen. When I first began, my daughter wasn’t yet taking naps in her crib. So I worked from my phone while Jay took naps on top of me or cuddled beside me. That was heaven — the cuddling part!

A month and a half ago Jay started napping in her crib and I thought that everything would be different! I’d work during naps and clean while she played by herself (or enjoyed some screen time–awful but true!). But it was around that time that she became a very social and interactive player. It wasn’t enough that I was in the same room or the TV was talking to her, she wanted to share toys with me, have babble conversations, and pick out books for me to read to her — I had been waiting for this! This is what I’m good at! But instead, I found myself spending her playtime cleaning up and prepping meals instead of interacting. Neither of us liked this deal.

My understanding employer did not mind my erratic attention to my work-duties, but I found it annoying and unfulfilling both as a mom and a worker-bee. So I had to fire myself. My employer was very understanding about that too.

So it is done. My beard-job is gone. Nothing like getting an enjoyable work-from-home-job with a great hourly rate, ridiculously flexible schedule, and understanding employer to make you realize that you want to be “just a mom” right now.



Post publishing addendum: So yeah, not at all about THAT kind of beard job! Haha! Sorry!


5 responses to “I Quit My Beard-Job

  1. Yes! :) This is so true. There is no such thing as being “just a mom.” I hate that saying! I’ve been home with my kids since they were born, and it’s the hardest “job” I’ve ever had (and some of my jobs used to require 16 hour days). I did try some part-time work last year, but it was completely impossible to do without hiring daycare, and that would defeat the purpose (to make money). All of my mom-friends who work outside the home say that it’s much easier than staying home with the kids. During the day, that is. At night, when they come home exhausted from work, and we stay-at-home moms are exhausted from our days — and all the evening events like dinner, homework, bath time still need attention — I say we’re even. Regardless, it sounds like you’re finding the right path for you, and I wish you all the best!

    • Thanks!

      I jokingly tell people that I’m a full-time nanny…to my own kid. I don’t even mention that I’m also the cleaning lady, cook, personal shopper, playmate, librarian… I love being “just a mom.” This has been the best week. I am still washing/cleaning during playtime more than I’d like, but at least the part-time job guilt is gone.

  2. I was able to “stay at home” with my daughter till she was 4. I loved it. I would LOVE to work at home to supplement my income, (besides selling stuff on Ebay…etc) Are there still good, reputable places out there for work at home stuff?

    • I was working as a consultant for someone I knew well. He has owned a business for 30 years but didn’t have a social media presence (or know the first thing about social media platforms). Got that started, but they have staff to keep up with it now.

      I love being a full-time nanny-mom. :) It is fantastic!

      • I have a friend as well that has a few businesses. I have just started doing work for her and will be creating her web site and getting her noticed soon. I love doing stuff like that. Hopefully, it can be more then a few hours every other week..lol

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