Thanks a Ton, Honey Bun!

My hand is cramped… I’m running out of space… But I have so much more to say… The day after Jay’s birthday (yesterday), I wrote 14 thank you notes to express my gratitude to everyone who so thoughtfully and lovingly sent Jay a gift or card for her first birthday.

I love hand-writing and mailing timely thank you notes. I think I love doing it because it seems so old-fashioned. I never expect a thank you note in the mail; it just isn’t the norm anymore. And most of the thank yous I do receive are via email or direct messages on Facebook. I totally get it; people are busy. And who mails letters anymore? But I still prefer sending my thank yous in the mail. I hope it conveys my sincerest gratitude and returns a bit of the effort that was taken to send Jay a gift.

"Thanks and a wink! Sincerely, me and the stink."

“Thanks and a wink! Sincerely, me and the stink.”

I remember loathing thank you note time after birthdays and Christmas when I was a child. Ugh! It was torture. My thank you notes all went like this:

Dear Auntie Soandso,

How are you doing? (I learned at some point that it was mandatory to start a letter this way.) Thank you for the doll. (Oh no! It is obvious that my mom wrote a list of names and gifts and told me to write thank you notes. Now your feelings are hurt.) It has a pink dress. (Proof that I paid attention to the gift. That detail wasn’t on the list!) It is nice. (I like your gift and I just un-hurt your feelings.)

Sincerely, (Because all letters end this way.)


Inspired! I know. Little did anyone know that writing each thank you took me at least 30 minutes when I was a kid, what with all of that worrying and attention to formal letter-writing formatting.

So what can I do to make thank yous a bit of fun, rather than neurotic-kid torture a chore, when Jay is ready to participate in giving thanks for gifts-received? I want to start collecting ideas soon…

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely, Gilly


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