Wordless Wednesday: More Toys, More Stink

More Toys, More Stink

“You are going to take care of that, right?”


5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: More Toys, More Stink

  1. Bahahahaha!

  2. Firstly- I want the Rody if not the Pink Car.
    Secondly – those eyes!!
    Lastly – fun blog. Thank you.

    • Thank you for reading! Jay will gladly part with Rody. She isn’t sure why he’s been hanging out here. But she’s not parting with that car! She’s in love with her new wheels! ;)

  3. Did you know you’d have to clean up after it when you bought the horsie?

    • I did not anticipate this. I was busy thinking about my child’s smile, western vs english riding lessons, and always being able to say, “when you turned one, I bought you a pony.” My thought process never got to cleanup and stabling!

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