A Year of Stink

Today is Jay’s birthday. But we celebrated alllll long weekend.

On Saturday, I made cupcakes and we had a small family picnic at the park. It wasn’t much of a celebration (I was a bit stressed), but it turned out to be a great photo shoot! And we put together a cute pink buggy that arrived in the mail and took Jay for a spin around the neighborhood. Note to self: Become a better party planner and don’t leave EVERYTHING for the day of the event. But pink buggies make everything better!

New wheels from Aunt!!

New wheels from Aunt!!

On Sunday, we went to my sister’s co-ed baby shower, and my sister got Jay a cupcake so tons of family sang Happy Birthday to Jay! It was really sweet. And… we actually sang Happy Birthday twice because Patrick was missing (loading the car because we had a long drive home) the first time we sang. Haha!

Daddy's turn to blow out the candle!

Daddy’s turn to blow out the candle!

On Monday, we opened Jay’s cards and gave her our gifts–a Melissa & Doug block set, Cookie Monster doll, and a lime green Rody horse. She loves Cookie and the blocks! She isn’t sure about Rody… And she got wonderful books, clothes, and toys from family and friends.

Cookie likes Rody

Cookie likes Rody

Today is her real birthday–the day she came into the world and became the daughter to two clueless and cuddly parents! We might have a bite of cake after dinner and sing to her again, but mostly Patrick and I will marvel at the tiny human she has turned into. Jay is sometimes silly, occasionally giggly, and constantly an observant and affectionate little girl. We’ve only had her for a year, but it feels like we’ve known her forever. Happy Birthday, little girl. We love you with all of our hearts. It has been our pleasure to hold you, nurse you, rock you, bounce you, read to you, sing to you, change you, kiss you, love you, and get to know you!

It has been an amazing year!

It has been an amazing year!


9 responses to “A Year of Stink

  1. A long weekend of celebration is only fitting, such a great year for you all! \o/ :)

  2. Happy birthday! She gets cuter every day!

  3. Ahhhh! That picture of her in the car. Adorable!

  4. Happy birthday, little Stink!

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