Don’t Panic!!

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that a simple request for a gift suggestion brought you to tears? Yeah, me neither. Because that is a ridiculous response to a normal query and I would be prepared for a question like that a week before my daughter turns 1 years-old.

But! Had I ever had a day wherein I learned that someone compiled a gorgeous list of 40 must-have books for writers, realized I only had one of them, and spiraled into a whatever the opposite of a pep-talk  is (a real writer would know), I would need something to snap me out of it.

Stressed out because there are way too many toy options out there? Panicking because lists make you feel like an insignificant wannabe? You don’t need a benzodiazepine. Just don’t panic:

Shout out to my pal, Ray, for introducing me to Dad’s Army.


3 responses to “Don’t Panic!!

  1. My suggestion for toys for a 1-year-old: nothing that requires batteries. A set of measuring cups and spoons (plastic or wooden) and any storybook by Mercer Mayer. Different size balls. A movie you are dying to share with her. Even if you can’t share it for two years. She’ll never remember.

    Regarding the writing books – too many books. Too much conflicting advice. Go with Stephen King’s “On Writing” and then add one or two later on.

  2. Dad’s Army is priceless,cult tv. Glad you were introduced.Hopefully the “panic” is over.:)

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