Apols from this Dappy Derp

The Oxford Dictionary added some new words this month. This is not a new event–the addition of words to a dictionary–but it made headlines this month because twerk was among the newbies. I figured, since twerk is now a dictionary-approved word, and everyone is a-twitter and a-posting and a-blogging about it, I should learn its meaning and visit with the other August 2013 additions.

My visit had some highs and lows. Some new additions remind me that I’m a curmudgeonly, hermit at the core. Some additions serve as a reminder that there are consequences to speaking in abbrevs (not yet a word). Other words infuriate me, because I’m feeling a bit ranty. And some of the additions are just lovely and I want to invite them over for tea.

Additions that remind me that I’m an unfashionable, wannabe-luddite:

Additions that remind me that I need to speak in entire words and use all the syllables, because srsly, it is not that difficult to do:

  • MIL  I pronounce it “Mill.” Derp. 
  • guac   Shudder
  • grats  Because the “con-” is such a tongue-twister
  • apols  Apols for this

Additions that fill me with ire:

  • babymoon  I would rather we all agree to say, “I’m fat with a baby and going on vacation because I fear this baby will ruin my life.”
  • phablet  No.
  • flatform  No. I will never say this.
  • jorts  Just say JEAN SHORTS! Also, I am a hyprocrite and I don’t care. Apols or whatev.
  • unlike  I FB-unlike this, unless I’m at a Renaissance Faire, “That lamb shank is not unlike Sir Eldridge’s face after too much ale!”

Additions that I like, because (squee!) words are fab:

Well that’s that. Jay is still sleeping, so I’m going to go enjoy some me time. What new additions do you love/loathe?


6 responses to “Apols from this Dappy Derp

  1. Boy. This list makes me sad. So sad. Those aren’t even words. I am going to bed.

    • I know, I know… Think of it this way, if you use The Oxford Dictionary, you can make the word “derp” or “jorts” when you play Scrabble. Now I’ve made you cry. I’m Sorry. :( <– (emoji)

  2. This is a great post! Made me laugh out loud. Grats! Oops — apols.

    I’ve never heard of most of those words, and had to look up “twerk” because you made me curious. Well, I’m in the know now, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing. :)

    • Those abbrevs are catchy, so be careful!

      Knowing that a few more people are now familiar with the definition of “twerk” because of my blog will give me nightmares tonight. But hey, if I have to have some vague idea what “twerk it” means, others should have to suffer with the knowledge too. Right? ;)

  3. I think it is very scary that new words are being “invented” all the time.!! I will keep these up my Scrabble sleeve,however – opponents will not thank me.
    Great blog – thanks :)

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