The Family That Stinks Together

We did it! We joined the gym! Not just any gym, but the fancy gym with the indoor tennis, pool, and basketball court! Daycare! Classes offered all day long from yoga to bootcamp. Daycare!

On Saturday, after spending half of Jay’s first nap frantically searching for our two business card-sized gym trial-passes, we put on our old gym clothes, laced up our old sneakers, and walked over to the gym. Fancy gym is also three minutes away as the crow flies. Indeed, as the crow flies was how I decided we should make the journey! But after I nearly rolled down a steep grassy hill while carrying Jay, we have decided to attempt the longer 5-minute paved route on future trips.

This gym trip was not just our first in nearly two years; it was Jay’s first adventure in a daycare situation. What is that choppy wind-making sound overhead? The thrumming clatter of nervous helicopter parents? No! I promise we aren’t helicopter parents…yet. We’re just too cheap and Jay is too well-behaved in restaurants to have warranted any sitter/daycare situation…until now. But mama needs to run again. I mean, we raised this child to the wise old age of nearly-one, so it is time for her to make her own way in the world for 40 minutes while her parents lose their baby weight. She did this to us and herself.

So was I worried that I wouldn’t be able to run after all of this time away? Did I fear that my joints wouldn’t be able to tolerate the stress of the extra weight I am carrying? No. I assumed I would run at a slow 10 min/mile for 3 miles to ease back into things. (I am a fool.) Also, I was too preoccupied about this whole daycare thing to think about my impending workout. Quite frankly, I am impressed that I even remembered to put on my running shoes because it was all about the diaper bag, snacks, diaper-change timing before we left.

Stink and Stinky

Stink and Stinky

Anyway, I ran an 11 min/mile for 3 miles  on the treadmill (so I walked a whole bunch). I’ll admit that I was waiting for the front desk to cut my workout short due to a baby-needs-her-mama emergency, but that didn’t happen! And the separation anxiety wasn’t too bad for me. Actually, I kind of enjoyed feeling like my own woman for 35 minutes. But it helped to know she was close by, just in case.

And Jay was fine with daycare. She didn’t even notice that we left during drop-off because she was too busy watching the other kids play. When we picked her up she was chewing on some plastic corn-on-the-cob…still watching the kids play…cool as a cucumber. However, I did get three (but who’s counting?) kisses upon returning. So I think she was happy to see us.

Day one at the gym = Success!  …so I bought new running shoes.


4 responses to “The Family That Stinks Together

  1. I’m glad it went so well! I was up to a nearly two hour workout when I got pregnant with Squish, and my gym days disappeared. Enjoy yourself!

  2. Do some running for me, OK? Seriously, good for you, I need to loose the rest of my baby weight too. Enjoying your blog and Jay is too cute!

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