You Made It, Welcome!

Oh? You are here already? Did you find the place OK? I apologize for the mess. Try not to step on those wooden blocks; your feet will be sorry and I will feel like an awful hostess.


Eep! You’re here!

My nearly-a-toddler, Jay, is napping and I should be cleaning up, but here you are, so I’m writing instead. So welcome! Make yourself comfy! But since I’m welcoming you in writing, and feeling a bit more honest than if I were welcoming you in person, I’d also like to add that you please do not make yourself too comfy. I’m not feeding you dinner and I do not feel like making up the spare bed. So maybe keep your shoes on–it will also help you avoid any of that wooden-block unpleasantness.

Oh crap! It took me so long to figure out how to set up this flipping blog that it is time for me to wake Jay from her nap. I’d consider letting her sleep in, but then she’ll be up late and I don’t get my evening beer. And I have new autumn beers, so priorities! BTW, this is the serious type of mom-conundrum that will be expounded upon in riveting future posts.

I'll just be in here... examining my links...

I’ll just be in here… examining my links…

Problem solved! My fab husband, Patrick, retrieved Jay. Now he is getting all of the after-nap snuggles I usually enjoy, but no, I’m welcoming you instead. Oh, so those snuggly cuties over my shoulder are my daughter Jay (11mo) and my husband Patrick (none-of-your-business years-old. Rude of you to ask, really).

Stealing my snuggles

Stealing my snuggles

Oh remember how I was being all honest-y earlier? Real talk: I started this blog to get back into the habit of writing. So, basically, I am using you. But, again, welcome?

Anyway… I really want in on some of those Jay snuggles. But we’ve made small-talk, I’ve mentioned writing, and you’ve met the fam, so let me show you the door. Come back soon, OK?


6 responses to “You Made It, Welcome!

  1. Oh my god, she is so cuddlesome! Best of luck with the new blog!

  2. Jay’s a doll. I loved your welcoming page. So inviting… and lucky for you I love keeping my shoes on so you are the best hostess!

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